“The sky is falling! Vote for me!”

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Global Warming is a Farce

A resource for those seeking the “other side of the story” of the global climate change issue



Al's Real Message:

“Be worried, be very worried….and vote for me (and my people)

Wait—wasn’t it TIME that warned of global cooling in 1974?


Why do so many people who subscribe to the belief in global warming also subscribe to the

leftist liberal viewpoint on so many matters? Why does this belief appeal to those that have

a certain political view?


Is the belief in “global warming” a scare tactic being used to manipulate the population

so certain individuals or parties can attain political power?


And why not? If you can frighten people into thinking there is a threat and you have

the answer to that threat….they will vote for you!


Doesn't it alarm you that a strong political leader is so vehemently stating that "the debate is over in the scientific community" when very clearly it is NOT? Never mind actual "global warming" for a minute. Let's focus on that statement.


Have you ever asked yourself how can Gore make such statements when there are over 31,000 scientists and climatologists who publically signed a petition stating they do NOT agree? http://www.petitionproject.org/ 31,000! Very clearly the debate is NOT over! It should alarm you greatly that one man has the power to silence that many people who disagree with him. The UN reports that they have about 2,500 "scientists" who state there is "global warming". There are more than 31,000 scientists who state otherwise. DO THE MATH. That's about 8% vs. 92%! 8% who are deciding what is "real" when 92% disagree. Something is very, very wrong here!



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“Well, you know, in -- a few decades ago, IBM predicted that the total market

worldwide for computers would be a few dozen. Those predictions turned out to

be wrong. Other predictions of the future have been famously wrong because

they didn't take into account what the reality is.”  -- Ironic that this statement was

made by Al Gore (in an interview with Wolf Blitzer in which he claimed to have taken the

initiative in “creating the internet.”)


Recommended Books:





If global warming causes temperatures to raise then the polar ice caps would melt.


If the polar ice caps melt, the ocean levels would rise.


…and if the oceans rise that means….that they will rise so far that we will all drown!




But let’s think logically…


Assuming increased CO2 emissions really do cause raised global temperatures:


If C02 emissions rise


which cause global temperatures to rise…


And rising global temperatures cause polar ice caps to melt….


Then raised global temperatures would cause more evaporation of water from our oceans…


And more evaporated water would lower the ocean levels back down and would result in more clouds in the atmosphere…


And more clouds in the atmosphere would reflect back more ultraviolet rays from the earth back into space…


And more UV rays reflected away from the earth would result in…….


Cooler global temperatures!


In other words, the earth is a balanced ecosystem that goes through cycles and rhythms with checks and balances that act as a huge global “eco-safety valve”. Any warming of the earth would trigger the very mechanism that would cool it back down again! As ocean levels might rise due to melting ice caps, so too, evaporation would increase thus lowering the oceans, keeping the right balance.


Once the water in the clouds returns back to the ground, it would allow more UV penetration and thus increase the temperature, keeping and maintaining the earth in a temperature range that sustains life. Think of it as a huge global, geo-biological thermostat!


Is this overly simplified? Sure. But so is the theory of global warming.



“An Inconvenient Truth”-- See glaciers calve. See dry deserts with ships on their sands. See hurricanes and storms. See hot July summer days. See refugees fleeing wars and storms. Become scared by the dramatic music and dire predictions made by the one who has the answers and ability to save you….if you vote for him.